July 2, 2018

Visa requirements

Requirements for getting visa to Vietnam

Getting visa to Vietnam is very simple. Most country can apply online for a visa to enter Vietnam. This can be applied for visa online through our website. There are 3 major classifications for visa requirements to Vietnam.

1. Easy country. 2. Semi-restrict countries. 3. Restrict countries. 4. Full Restrict countries. Check our order for updated info under step 2. You will find your nationality and its classification.

* Category “Full Restrict” is normally not possible to get visa online or pre-arranged visa. You need to contact the nearest Vietnamese embassy for getting the visa.

* Category “Semi” and Restrict countries are possible to apply online and get pre-arranged visa. The process is much more complicated. Regulation change very often. Additional price will be applied.

* Category “Easy” have much options and it easy to get a visa. Certain countries have visa free-entry. Diffferent online visa are possible, depends on your nationality.

Check the list below if you are entitle to get visa exemptions and eVisa.

Note: Some countries have agreement renewal each year. Make sure it is still valid 2 weeks before your travel date. There are some restriction regarding using the visa exemption. Read more below.

Requirements before applying visa

  • Most western countries are easy to get a visa
    • Check our order form for further info
  • Passport 6 months valid is required
    • In most case 3 months is ok.
    • Certain airlines might restrict and not you check-in.
    • Need 2 blank page
    • Requirements depends on visa type



  • 90 days (1 country)

    •  Chile
  • 30 days (7 countries)

    •  Cambodia
    •  Indonesia
    •  Kyrgyzstan
    •  Laos
    •  Malaysia
    •  Singapore
    •  Thailand
  • 21 days (1 country)

    •  Philippines

    14 days (2 countries)

    •  Brunei
    •  Myanmar
  • 15 days, with restrictions (13 countries)








     South Korea







    Note: – A gap of at least 30 days between two visa-free visits is required. Must have a printout of onward ticket.

    1 -Visa free agreement renes yearly during Summer. Check for updates before travel.

    2- for British citizens only.

  • Visa to Phu Quoc all visitors have visa exemptions for 30 days.  Must fly direct into Phu Quoc. Can not transfer in Vietnam and transfer/ connection flight in Vietna If so visa is needed to enter Vietnam for domestic flight.

Getting visa stamp and requirements

  • Pre-arranged visa on arrival – obtain online and get visa stamp once landed. E.g. Vietnamese visa requirements for New Zealand allows the country to apply for visa on arrival.
  • Pre-arranged visa code at embassy – obtain online and get visa stamp at embassy. E.g. Vietnamese visa requirements for New Zealand allows the country to apply for visa code at embassy.
  • Pre-arranged eVisa* obtain online and get visa at passport checkpoint. Only for eligible countries. E.g. Vietnamese visa requirements for New Zealand allows the country to apply for eivsa*.
  • Phú Quốc visa exemption for p to 30 days. E.g. Vietnamese visa requirements for New Zealand allows the country to enter Phu Quoc without visa.

New eVisa* requirements

eVisa introduced in February 2017, is another form of pre-arranged visa. Similar to other pre-arranged visa (visa on arrival, visa code at embassy), visitor can apply online, get their visa result and the visa approval letter.

The major difference is where to get the visa stamp into your passport. The new eVisa* is only valid for 46 countries, and allows to get visa stamp at given entry point. (Not all). It simplified the process, but also restrict and demands travelers to have their travel plans ready.

You need to enter the given entry port, and recommend to exit the given entry port. Only tourist purpose and single entry. To extend is very difficult, in most case, it is not possible. The cost is no refund if you get declined visa. It need more information from you, where you are staying, who is your travel agencies etc. We simplified this process, by being your travel agency.

eVisa* eligible countries to Vietnam

E-Visa* Eligible Nations: Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China (Does not apply to Chinese e-passport holders), Colombia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea (South), Luxembourg, Mongolia, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Timor Leste, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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