The rustic but still stunning beauty of Ong Lang Beach

What to do in Ong Lang Beach?

Unlike the famous beaches in Phu Quoc, Ong Lang beach is beyond the flow of life, wild and peaceful. Although not as beautiful as the Sao Beach, Khem beach, not crowding and bustling as Truong Beach but Ong Lang has a very different charm that attract many foreign visitors. What to do and to eat Read more about What to do in Ong Lang Beach?[…]

Book in advance in low season to have a good view room

Useful tips for Phu Quoc hotel booking

Phu Quoc Island with romantic scenery and beautiful beaches is the perfect place for your trip to Vietnam. Because this destination is very famous in recent years, so, booking a good hotel or resort with reasonable price to stay is not easy. But don’t worry. Here are the Phu Quoc hotel booking tips for you. Read more about Useful tips for Phu Quoc hotel booking[…]